Tuesday, 22 August 2017

How We Can Help In Restoring a Lenovo Think Centre?

It is necessary to Restore Windows on your Lenovo Think Centre computer, as Windows becomes unusable or you simply just want to start over from scratch. You have to use hidden partition that come with your think centre, if you want to ensure security and management utilities which come along with Think Centre of your Lenovo laptops. You have to set up a recovery disc from your system, if for any reason you feel like that your Think Centre no longer have recovery partition.

Now below are several steps which may allow you to restore a Lenovo Think Centre and you can connect with Lenovo support team for help.

  1. Back up any files on computer you don't want to lose. When you restore from its factory settings erases everything on hard drive.
  2. Remove any peripherals that didn't come with original system. 
  3. Next you have to restart the Think Centre and repeatedly tap "F1" key as the computer boots up.;
  4. With the help of arrows on your keyboard, now select "Exit" or "Restart," and then select "OS"Optimized Defaults." Change its setting to "Disabled."
  5. Now, Change start-up sequence if you are restoring from a set of recovery discs, so that system boots from DVD drive. 
  6. Next, Press "F10" to save configuration changes and restart your computer.
  7. Now you have to press F11 to access product recovery program, when you see this message.
  8. You got to choose options such as "Full Recovery," "Factory Contents" or "Restore My Hard Drive to the Original Factory State," that depends on the model you use. 
  9. Now insert new discs when prompted if you are restoring from DVDs.
  10. Click "Yes" when prompted to restart your computer. From this point recovery process is fully automatic. As a matter your computer might restart many times.
  11. You have to finish Windows setup by entering your language, regional settings, network settings and Windows username.
  12. Restart your computer and return to the BIOS settings by pressing "F1” and change configuration back to normal.
  13. Now you have to Reattach any peripherals to the computer, and restart the Windows.

For any further problems you can dial Lenovo Customer Support Number Australia 1-800-921-785.

We are also providing technical support by Australian cities like Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne etc. If you are live in Perth, You can visit our Lenovo laptop repair centre Perth page and get more information from here

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